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I Love Big Sleeves and I Cannot Lie…

So during London Fashion Week a few collections really excited me and I realised they all had a certain feature in common- brobdingnagian badboy sleeves! I’ve been meaning to express this enthusiasm via my blog for a couple of weeks but we all know consistency isn’t my forte. J.W. Anderson and Roksanda gave me new fashion life, the bold patterns, the colourways, the styling and of course the sleeves. J.W. Anderson made his sleeves statement through the bicep detail while Roksanda focussed more on a bluebell vibe- both worked immensely.

JW-ANDERSON-SS16-xlarge jwshoulders

Emilia Wickstead also portrayed this hype through one of the most beautiful dresses I saw all week. I’m not sure I could pull off this amazingness myself as I think I would look like a drowned, 14 year old Asian Polly Pocket with nil sex appeal, however the cut, the elegance and pastels (and of course of the SLEEVES!) were absolutely splendid.


Finally Margiela Maison jumped on the sleeve trend and gave extra sass to the staple white shirt that most high street shirts cannot give. Exceptional length, supplementary material and a whole new presence when you stroll into the office…


I guess secretly my favourite part of this post is that with the help of the very talented Erica Janavi, one of my looks during the most hectic September week reflected this movement and I didn’t even mean it to! So go get yoself some sleeves girls, the best ones are hidden in the most treasured boutiques along Portobello.


*Most of these pictures are cheekily stolen and were not taken by my DSLR*