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Scenes and Seams

So my mama turned 50 and wanted to celebrate the milestone abroad with the fam! (She’ll hate me for publicly announcing her age when she reads this but hey she doesn’t even look 40 and gets more attention that most). After deliberating where to go for quite a while as we wanted heat, which Europe lacks in March, and only had a week to play with, we booked Morocco! For the first time I was fortunate enough to experience a bit of Africa and was left more than pleasantly surprised.

We typically stayed in Marrakech but before arriving I made sure my family knew I was not keen on spending every day sunning ourselves and browsing the markets knowing the country has so much more to offer. Yes I did sunbathe for a couple of days and literally sizzled myself in Hawaiin Tropic to ensure everyone knew I had been away when I arrived back to London. Yes the souks were great, I bagged a few authentic bits for my friends and flat as well as tried some average street food but the excursions were the real ting that made the holiday sick!

Firstly the Atlas Mountains were stunning, we trekked as far up them as we could in the one day we had but the views were seriously impressive throughout the journey. Furthermore the Berber villages amongst these mountains really amazed me. I felt like I had gone back in time whilst walking around the sacred, green valleys and clay homes which inhabited the most grateful souls and were kept notably clean despite the poverty. Within the village were numerous teeny restaurants made up of colourful sofas and tables, serving the longest tagine menus, varieties of couscous and fruits covered in cinnamon. I have to admit the food didn’t overly impress me anywhere I went, however the lack of flavour in their dishes was made up by stunning scenes and the most gorgeous colour hues everywhere I looked.

We also went to the Ouzoud falls which again were wonderful, I wasn’t excessivly fascinated by the waterfall itself but that is probably because I have been seriously spoilt in seeing much better. However again, the walk through the Berber villages and gorges to get there is what fed my excited travelling soul. I would recommend going if you are ever in Morocco regardless of how spoilt you may be with past waterfall experiences, as it still is beauteous and you will meet such charming people along the way who want to teach you about their culture and history.

I spent most of Morocco in colourful, casual hippy attire as I was either on a sweaty adventure or lounging around in my bikini and a crotchet number/kaftan. There were days though where we would venture out for a slightly fancy dinner/lunch to celebrate my mum’s special birthweek. I used these days as an excuse to brush my hair and make a bit more of an effort with my outfit.

Boob tube- American Apparel

Trousers- Renli Su

Shoes- Custom made


Skirt- Pitchougina

Slides- & Other Stories

Even though the aubergine didn’t hugely satisfy my taste buds and the hustlers within the souks were at times annoying, every other experience I encountered in Morocco was bladdy fantastic and I think you should all pop it pon your bucket list if you’ve not yet gone. Oh and treat yourself to a hammam, I had one the day I arrived and my skin still feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom!