Orange Is The New Black

It’s been a while since I had some time to focus on my blog, but I’m making it an early New Years resolution to make time for it and give as many fashion ideas as I can through the changing seasons and trends.

Every woman owns at least one ‘little black dress’ and 99% of us always match it with black everything else, however I’ve teamed this dress with a classy orange heel from Office (a colour that stays in fashion whatever the time of the year).

This dress is slightly different from your average LBD, although its short its a loose fit and can be worn in the winter for all occasions without looking to under or overly dressed. I’ve always been a fan of turtle necks, they’re sexy, classy and shape your face. I’ve kept my jewellery to a minimum to maintain the elegance of the look, but paired it with a heavier sheepskin coat to give the outfit a bit of an edge and stop it from looking too formal.









Dress: Asos Shoes: Office Watch: Rolex Necklaces: H&M

Photographer: Samantha Wheelwright

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