Newborn Whites

Last weekend I attended my cousin’s christening with friends, family and the sun!! Spring has finally sprung and London is finally smiling again. I was typically left with no option but to bring out the white attire- anyone who knows me knows I love a white piece but even more so when the sun is shining.

I wore this two piece from Zara which I put together from two separate Zara stores. I don’t think it was supposed to be a co-ord as such but I reckon I could have fooled most! I was apprehensive at first in case it would be too formal however with my new hair (I’ve now got a ‘lob’!) everything feels a bit less conservative. I’m really loving suiting this season and clean cut pieces. There’s something very attractive about a woman in a good pair of trousers and I have been the girl to opt for a pair of tailored trousers/chinos/ culottes etc over jeans or a dress for a while now. I’m not only the token Asian in most girly ‘night out’  group pictures but I also tend to be the only one without my pins exposed.

This look would have also looked great with chelsea boots, a little leather jacket and lots of arm and hand jewellery however as I was going to a christening I dressed up the outfit a bit more with high stilettos and red lips.




Top and Trousers: Zara

Snake print shoes: Topshop

Jewellery: Vintage/ H&M

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