Having a ball!

I’m back! I’m not even going to say that this time I will be more consistent with my blog because you know we can all talk the talk etc. I’m just going to post when work isn’t drowning me and when all the friends’ birthdays stop.

Anyway I just wanted to share my current ball obsession (and no not that type of ball). The Pom Pom ball obsession- stick a pom pom on anything and I’m fully feeling your flow.

It initiated last year when cute brands on Instagram started creating pom pom earrings which essentially entailed different coloured (usually furry) pom poms hanging off your ear either through a hoop or just a plain clasp.Then it progressed to hair, keys and bags pom poms. During LFW SS15 I wore these fabulous one of a kind heels customised by the amazing Rosie Williams and it seemed WGSN appreciated the coloured balls as much as I.


Of course I was not the first to rock a pair of pom pom ones and twos nor will I be the last but for all those who fancy a pair, he’s a few designers and online stores that can fulfil your needs.

589362_in_pp  Sophia Webster



asos pompom

ASOS pommy slippers which I would definitely wear as slides


Agent Provocateur (I much prefer their older pompom mules and eBay have loads for cheap!)

image2xxl  Missguided

570373_in_pp           Miu Miu

truffle collection    Truffle Collection

Enjoy pomming about!

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